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Jordan Dynamo is a direct response copywriter & INFP personality type with a natural ability to infuse persuasive copy with analogies & metaphors to create powerful, clear and compelling brand messaging which will strengthen customer relations, resulting in growth of product sales and revenue.

Reports From The Industry:

9 Benefits of Powerful Copywriting For Your Business

You have been working tirelessly to develop a product or service you believe in. You have spent countless hours and sleepless nights to build a business around the value you are offering. You have done your market research and invested the time to gain a vast understanding of your industry. Within such a diverse society, […]

The Persuasive Power of Metaphors in Marketing

Good web copy is powerful persuasive language that allows you to control how your target prospects will perceive your brand. You can almost make your customers feel like you know them personally if your sales copy is written in the perfect language that they understand and use regularly. You can use buzzwords to push their […]

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