9 Benefits of Powerful Copywriting For Your Business

You have been working tirelessly to develop a product or service you believe in. You have spent countless hours and sleepless nights to build a business around the value you are offering. You have done your market research and invested the time to gain a vast understanding of your industry.

Within such a diverse society, you have weeded out exactly who your target customer is. You have been working on building a strong online presence for your business to stay current with the times and exponentialize your income through the effectiveness of targeted internet marketing. You envision yourself climbing the ladder and standing on top of the mountain, triumphantly reaping the benefits of all your hard work!

Your target customer is browsing the internet in desperate need of the value you are providing. They happen upon your website and social media pages. This is exactly what they have been looking for!

Until they hit that dreadful roadblock….

The prospect quickly departs from your online presence, immediately walking out of your virtual store to search elsewhere for the product or service they need. What happened?

Bad copy happened.

They left because they didn’t clearly understand that they were sitting in front of the value they were looking for. Your product or service simply wasn’t communicated in an effective and engaging way that held their attention or inspired any action.

They unenthusiastically read through the long lists and paragraphs of facts and wordy jargon about your business until they got extremely bored.

They may have even completely lost sight of the value they were searching for, now in a subconscious state of searching for stimulation that will alleviate the boredom.

The average attention span of a human being has decreased to 8 Seconds!

That’s how much time you have to capture a prospects undivided attention before their mind drifts on to the next shiny thing.

Bad web copy is likened to having a babbling & incompetent salesman as the frontline man who is supposed to be generating revenue for your business. This type of revenue generation method is like trying to catch water in a net. Even though the net may seem wet, most of the water is slipping through the holes.

Great copy can cover these holes by:

  • Immediately grabbing the attention of your target market
  • Effectively communicating your value offering in an engaging way that holds their attention
  • Transforming a fact-based product or service into an emotional “Must-Have”
  • Addressing all of the prospects concerns so they feel like you really “get them”
  • Pushing all of the emotional triggers of the prospect to inspire action
  • Establishing a long-lasting bond with your target market that will cultivate customer loyalty
  • Making you stand out from your competitors in a large digital economy
  • Establishing you as a leader in your industry
  • Providing measurable results – granting us the ability to easily replicate and improve the new sales process

Hard data has proven how settling for bad web copy will cost you. According to Ragan.com, companies that maintain an active blog obtain up to 50% more search traffic than ones who don’t. Hubspot reported that calls-to-action that are personalized according to your target market perform 202% better. Research from Neilson Norman Group revealed that readers generally consume only about 20% of the content that is on a web page. Great copywriting will account for this, leaving only the content that will entertain and engage the target prospect.

You have worked way too hard on the development of your product or service to allow high-quality prospects to slip through the net. You are a top-notch expert in your field and have some serious value to offer. Your target market needs to know this now. You need a digital salesman to communicate your value offering effectively.

Shoot me an email JordanDynamo@JordanDynamo.com – and I will draft up a proposal with a plan on how we can create a stronger bond with your target audience, elevate your position in your industry, and cultivate the exponential growth of revenue your business deserves.

“Your readers are not dumb; they’re distracted.”

– Sonia Simone

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